About Franchiseportalen

Franchiseportalen.no is the commonplace website where potential franchisees orient themselves about their opportunities in Norway.

Welcome to FranchisePortalen

Franchise is growing rapidly as a business model. Attracting the correct franchisees is crucial to be successful when expanding a chain. Simultaneously, it has been difficult for potential franchisees to collect information about the concepts that best suit their background, competence and ambitions. The recruitment company Cappa has therefore committed to developing this website.

Audience and contents

At the franchise portal you will find several franchisors that are currently expanding and looking for franchisees. The franchise portal also contains useful information and news about franchise. The audience is potential franchisees who want contact with franchisors, besides all those who want to know more about franchise as a business model.

What can the franchisors convey?

At the franchise portal you can publish your franchise concept and express what type of franchisees you search for. The advertisement can also consist of a written presentation, pictures, videos and statements from existing franchisees.

PS: If you need more active assistance with your recruitment of the correct franchisees, you can contact Cappa.

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